Blend of past and present

An ethno-contemporary approach is the foundation of our design philosophy. We believe ourselves as patrons and purveyors of the heritage jadau-craft but our inimitable spin is to approach it through a modern lens. We believe in narrating the rich story of India’s heritage and it’s traditions by our designs. We try to preserve the hand-craft of jadau by introducing and innovating various design languages while keeping the rich heritage alive. Think of it as a dip into the past with an eye on the future.

Art of Handcrafting Jadau Jewellery


Radha Rani


Art of Handcrafting

Jadau Jewellery

Jadau Jewellery, a thousand year old art form, requires expert mastery and synergy among groups of craftsmen – Ghaarias, Meenakar and Sunar – to create magical elements of celebration. The shape of each stone is carefully studied with an experienced eye of the Raniwala family, and embedded in dazzling settings at our atelier.

About Raniwala 1881

Raniwala 1881 is the purveyors of handcrafted Flat-Cut Polki Jadau Jewellery. Their pieces hold within it a history of Indian royalty, with patterns, motifs and compositions inspired by the heritage of Rajasthan which shines through the signature Jadau jewellery, timeless and lustrous like the desert sun.

As custodians of traditional jewels, the Raniwala 1881 showcases treasured collections. Artisanal techniques, finest gemstones and intricate settings coalesce to form award-winning jewellery that combines the old and the new. The gems echo the imperial history of the land, and the rich promise of a brand that embraces time and has evolved with it.

The visual story of the branding has also been inspired by the beauty of Jadau jewellery and the history of the Raniwala family. Each element interprets the unusual setting of Jadau pieces, artifacts and architecture of the haveli. It comes together forming a graphic language which is modern yet timeless, and unique to the family.


Experience center

The new generation of the Raniwala family, Abhishek and Abhiyant, showcase one-of-a-kind creations at the experience centre in the cultural scape of Jaipur.
ENAMELING – MEENAKARI Enameling, here is the art of ornamenting the gold by fusing glass in it.
Ghat is a gold frame over which the complete jewellery is built; crafted by Ghadia.
Khudai being the third process, is where engravers create beautiful reliefs on the ghats for enameling.
Jadai is the fifth stage of this process, where the jadaia embeds the gemstones using kundan in the structures of the jewellery.