Mahadevi Raniwala

We have recreated her grandeur with sizeable far polki (big-size diamond) sets with statement embellishments including sheesh pattis, tikka spruced with Zambian emeralds, bajubandhs, kadas, bangdis and hathphools.

Radha Rani Raniwala

The next generation saw Radha Rani, Late GaneshiLal Ji’s wife, whose style was synonymous with timeless elegance. Her warm soul and charming demeanour were complemented by wispy chiffon saris and minimal jewellery.

Chandrakanta Raniwala

Chandrakanta, Sushil Ji’s wife, was renowned for her forward-thinking outlook. She balanced her customs with modernity; just like this line of ethnocontemporary jewels that boast a young-yet-rooted sensibility.

The Legacy of Raniwalas

The Raniwala family, originally from Beawar – a city that was historically a major trade hub in the Merwara state of Rajasthan. The lineage builds on this aesthetic, which has evolved into treasured collections, exquisitely handcrafted with a timeless appeal.

Art of Handcrafting

Jadau Jewellery

Jadau Jewellery, a thousand year old art form, requires expert mastery and synergy among groups of craftsmen – Ghaarias, Meenakar and Sunar – to create magical elements of celebration. The shape of each stone is carefully studied with an experienced eye of the Raniwala family, and embedded in dazzling settings at our atelier.

About Raniwala 1881

Raniwala 1881 is the purveyors of handcrafted Flat-Cut Polki Jadau Jewellery. Their pieces hold within it a history of Indian royalty, with patterns, motifs and compositions inspired by the heritage of Rajasthan which shines through the signature Jadau jewellery, timeless and lustrous like the desert sun.

Experience Centre

The new generation of the Raniwala family, Abhishek and Abhiyant, showcase oneof-a-kind creations at the experience centre in the cultural scape of Jaipur